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Tiny doorknobs, Putin's vodkas, and other funny renovations that should happen at Trump's White House

The New Yorker outlines its version of Trump's White House

What would be a perfect, Donald Trump-worthy White House? The New Yorker asked this question after The Washington Post, wrote, “Although the Trumps have not made public who their designer or designers are, immediate changes are sure to be coming to the Oval Office and private quarters.”

Despite the mystery, The New Yorker’s suggestions range from the practical to the comedic, from tiny gold doorknobs to the North and South Lawn fountains spitting out Vladimir Putin’s favorite flavored vodkas.

Other suggestions included The Situation Room annexing The Treaty Room to create the “Toughness Chamber” as well as renaming The China Room to “The Room of Fancy Plates.”

To see all of the suggestions The New Yorker has for the President’s new home, check out the full article here.

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