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Arlington County projects are now mapped in a helpful online tool

Learning about new developments just became a little bit easier

Screenshot of the My Arlington – Projects map

Arlington, Virginia, is changing, and it’s changing fast. From private developments to utility projects, there’s a lot to keep track of. Thankfully, the Arlington, Virginia, government has released a new online tool, called the My Arlington – Projects map, which maps all of the County government projects.

These projects include daily work, transportation, parks, water and utilities, facilities projects, and private development. Here, users will be able to filter projects by type, statues, address, and civic association. The map does not include projects by VDOT, Washington Gas, Dominion Power, APS, and other non-County government entities.

According to the announcement, the map will be updated “several times” each day with most projects removed after they’ve been complete for one year. In the coming weeks, the My Arlington mobile app will also offer the same information.

The data needed to make the map function comes from the Planning and Projects area on the Arlington County website, the Open Data portal, and staff in a variety of departments who input daily work, including Technology Services; Communications & Public Engagement; Environmental Services; Community Planning, Housing and Development; and Parks & Recreation

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