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D.C. saw 2,279 multimillion-dollar home sales in the last three years

This makes D.C. rank in second place for East Coast cities

When compared to East Coast cities with a population over 300,000, Washington, D.C., had the second highest number of home sales over $1 million in the past three years, surpassed only by New York. According to PropertyShark, the nation’s capital closed 2,279 multimillion dollar sales, while New York had 31,613 multimillion dollar sales.

When it comes to the West Coast, Los Angeles leads the pack with 21,722 home sales over $1 million with San Francisco in second place with 10,912 home sales over $1 million in the past three years.

For their study, PropertyShark only analyzed cities with a population size of over 300,000 and only analyzed sales over $1 million that closed over the past three years. Single-family homes, condos, and co-ops were included in the analysis.

To see how other cities were ranked across the nation, check out PropertyShark’s full report here.

Image via PropertyShark

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