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Planned Southeast Boulevard, Barney Circle redevelopment brings concerns from neighbors

A proposed subterranean bus transit facility is thought to be potentially negative for the surrounding environment

All renderings via District Department of Transportation

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) recently revealed the initial design options for the redevelopment of Washington, D.C.’s Southeast Boulevard and Barney Circle, but not everyone is in agreement with this project.

Greater Greater Washington reports that these options show a “conventional intersection,” a single connection to the Anacostia River, and an option with two connections toward the ends of the boulevard. There are also plans for a subterranean bus transit facility for the Circulator Fleet and potentially D.C.-serving WMATA buses.

Some neighbors have shown concerns about potential negative environmental impacts from the bus facility. There have also been some concerns from neighbors about added noise from traffic. Along with these concerns, Greater Greater Washington has brought additional questions, such as whether or not the Barney Circle options effectively support bicyclist and pedestrian traffic.

Despite this, a Greater Greater Washington article from September 2017 asks readers to “give this project a chance,” arguing that the bus facility may be necessary for the city as a whole.

What are your thoughts on the project? DDOT is accepting public feedback through January 24.

Here’s what Southeast Boulevard could look like [Greater Greater Washington]