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Second Rosslyn Metro station considered for D.C. area

This is still very much in the planning stages, so don’t expect anything set in stone just yet

Image via WMATA

In 2013, the Metro’s planning staff released a proposed rail network with the hopes to reduce crowding. One of the ideas in this network, known as the “2040 Metrorail Network,” was to construct a second Rosslyn station with its own separate tunnel to the District, then separate the Blue Line from the Orange and Silver lines.

This idea hasn’t progressed much since it was proposed, but the Washington Post reports that the Metro board is expected to send an application to the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority to request $2 million in grant money to study this project.

While a second station might be the first step to alleviating one of the Metro system’s most problematic bottlenecks, Greater Greater Washington is quick to note that construction wouldn’t actually start until the 2020s or 2030s—maybe.

The Metro board is also expected to request an additional $94.7 million to fund upgrades to the transit system’s track power and communications systems. Other initiatives WMATA hopes to focus on include more HOT lanes, bus rapid transit and “transitways,” and employer travel demand management policies.

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