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Family homeless shelter may come to Columbia Heights, deliver by 2020

A total of 50 units are planned

There are no renderings available yet of the planned homeless shelter. The above photo is a picture of Columbia Heights’ fountains, located at the corner of 14th, Park, and Kenyon streets NW.
Photo via Martha Heinemann Bixby

With the hope to close D.C. General, Washington, D.C.’s homeless shelter, Mayor Muriel Bowser announced plans for a brand new family homeless shelter at 2500 14th Street NW in the Columbia Heights neighborhood. According to Washington City Paper, the shelter would house a total of 50 units, 35 of which would be for short-term housing and 15 of which would be for permanent supportive housing for low-income seniors.

The 41,000-square-foot property is planned to begin construction in January 2019 with a delivery by the spring of 2020.

As part of the project, the Columbia Heights-based Rita Bright Family and Youth Recreation Center is expected to be renovated.

Columbia Heights to Get Family Homeless Shelter in Prime Location on 14th Street NW [Washington City Paper]