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Call for submissions: We want to see your holiday decorations

The more, the merrier

Photo via Shutterstock/V J Matthew

Are you that person on the block? Or do you know someone who is? By that person, Curbed DC of course means the person who goes all out every year for the holidays with so many lights and decorations that their home might actually be able to be seen from space.

For those with glitz, glamor, and a ton of holiday spirit, Curbed DC will feature the best decorated homes this winter. If interested in having your or another’s home featured on the blog, email the tipline at (subject line: Holiday Decorations) with a few photos attached. If you can also provide information on the neighborhood and city where the home is located, that would also be very appreciated.

Don’t be shy if you have inflatables, homemade decorations, or even just a simple wreath. The only kind of homes that won’t be considered are those that are currently on the market.