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Designers invited to imagine D.C.’s retail of the future in brand new competition

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How will retail adapt to an ever-changing city?

DC Skyline Photo via Shutterstock/Sean Pavone

As cities change over time—becoming more eco-friendly, more populated, and, of course, more expensive—how does retail evolve to accommodate these changes? That’s the question being asked in a brand new design competition that hopes to showcase what the future of retail might look like in a city like Washington, D.C.

There’s only one week left to submit an entry to this competition, hosted by the Washington, D.C., chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA|DC). With November 15 as the deadline, designers are asked how they might consider changes in how consumers purchase goods, how future mobility options may influence the scale and character of urban retail centers, and how D.C.’s infrastructure can adapt to the flourishing online marketplace.

Entries cost $35 for students and $50 for professionals. Registered members of the AIA|DC Urban Design Committee are not eligible. Design teams are only allowed up to five members.

When finalists are announced on November 22, they will each receive one free admission to the CityAge conference (travel not included), an invitation to present at the CityAge Conference, and free registration to AIA|DC’s next Urban Design Competition.

For more information on the competition, be sure to check out AIA|DC’s website here.

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