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Vinyl press plant to open in Fairfax this January

The environmentally friendly space will be able to make 9 million records per year

Photo via Delpixel/Shutterstock

By January 2018, Northern Virginia will get a brand new 50,000-square-foot vinyl press plant. In Fairfax, Virginia, the plant will house 16 pressing machines with the ability to produce 9 million records per year.

According to D.C. Music Download, the company, known as Furnace Record Pressing, was founded in 1996 and is expected to donate 5 percent of the new plant’s profits to a charity that has still not yet been named.

A YouTube video uploaded by Furnace Record Pressing shows the progress so far on the construction of the plant. It is expected to be environmentally friendly with LED lighting, a closed loop water chiller feeding the press and HVAC system, and high volume/low speed fans to circulate conditioned air.

In a statement, Founder and CEO Eric Astor said, “In 21 years of running Furnace, this has been the hardest, but most rewarding thing we’ve ever accomplished. We have an incredible staff who are passionate about vinyl, love our customers, and are always looking for better ways of doing everything. Their commitment is really what makes this company special and why I’m so confident this expansion will be successful.”

Construction has already begun on the plant.
Photo via Furnace Record Pressing

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