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440-unit apartment building approved near College Park Metro station

A bike-sharing station will also be added nearby

Image via Gilbane Development Corporation

On a parking lot south of College Park Metro station, there are plans for a brand new apartment building. The Sentinel reports that the multi-family building will have 440 units and 13,000 square feet of retail space.

A public pedestrian plaza is planned north of the complex with further hopes for a bike-share program installed nearby. The area in between the property and the Metro station, known as Brooks Parcel, will also be landscaped, while the nearby bike and pedestrian tunnel will be updated with new paint and lighting. The Sentinel further reports that old and damaged signage in the area will either be replaced or relocated, and crosswalks will be added to nearby streets.

Gilbane Development Corporation is the developer behind the project.

Apartments Finally Coming to College Park Metro Station [The Sentinel]