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Brookland's planned shipping container condos are canceled

There are no reports yet as to what will replace the plans

Rendering via Travis Price Architects

In September 2016, Curbed DC reported that architect Travis Price planned on building shipping container condos at 1201 Franklin Street NE, but it looks like those plans won’t move forward. UrbanTurf reported that new stormwater regulations resulted in the project becoming overbudget.

There are no reports yet on what will take over the site. Currently, the site houses a 6,748-square-foot building that was previously used as a Safeway and later a medical building. If Price’s plans had panned out, an additional 13,960 square feet would have been added to the structure along with four two-bedroom apartments with private balconies.

The first shipping container homes in Washington, D.C., were constructed in September 2014 at 3305 7th Street NE, in Brookland. Price planned for another shipping container residential development in Rosedale and also Shaw, but both plans were later rejected.

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