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Eaton’s hotel and co-working space in D.C. will appeal to artists and activists

Every guest is described as “essentially a ‘patron of the arts’”

All renderings courtesy of Gachot Studios

Socially conscious businesses, non-profits, and activists are invited to a brand new hybrid model of a hotel and co-working members club, called Eaton Workshop. Expected to open its first property and flagship hotel by the spring of 2018 at 12th and K streets NW, this new concept is focused on connecting like-minded individuals and businesses, while also contributing to local schools and arts communities.

According to a press sheet, “Eaton D.C. aspires to be a press club, a sanctuary for intelligent thought, and a canvas for rising neighborhood talent.” Washingtonian might have described it better as a “hyper-millennial-focused, buzz-wordy, lifestyle [hotel brand.]”

The hotel has a long list of amenities that will likely excite or raise eyebrows. There will be a radio station, artist studios, a 50-seat theater with a VIP section, and a wellness center with a holistic approach. Art, music, and film festivals focused on social change will also be hosted here, while locally made artworks will rotate throughout the hotel.

The hotel will feature 209 rooms “modeled after European pied-a-terres,” as reported by Washingtonian. Two of the guestrooms will be dedicated to visual arts supplies with a large-format printer included. A press sheet describes each guest at the hotel as “essentially a ‘patron of the arts,’” as the revenue will go toward programs for non-profits and local artists.

Each Eaton hotel will aspire to help guests lead healthy lives while staying there with yoga and meditation classes included as well as alternative therapies, such as reiki and acupuncture. “Sensory experiences” like infrared saunas and sound baths will also be available.

Appealing to changemakers is a big part of the brand as well. In the D.C. location, there will be a toolkit offered to each guest with stationery for writing to members of Congress with phone numbers included. This space will also include a rooftop bar, speakeasy, restaurant, and a coffee shop and juice bar.

An unnamed, but reportedly notable transgender artist has also designed gender neutral bathroom logos for each Eaton property.

To further generate a flourishing community that not only lives together, but works together, Eaton will create a co-working space, called Eaton House, that will be able to accommodate 370 members.

A press sheet further reports:

“At each of the Eaton Workshop locations, there will be various programs for local, at-risk youth to engage with at every level. The goal of these programs is to provide inclusive opportunities for like-minded youth through workshops and intern placement. Each location will partner with high schools to encourage entrepreneurship by bringing students to Eaton House for tours and lectures.”

The internships will involve the in-house radio station and culinary teams.

To further appeal to the socially conscious businesses and non-profits Eaton hopes to attract, those who meet the “Eaton code of standards and values” will be offered discounted rates as well as free spaces.

There are no reports yet on the prices for Eaton’s hotel or co-working space.

Behind this new project is Founder and President Katherine Lo, the daughter of Hong Kong real-estate billionaire Ka Shui Lo.

Additional Eaton locations expected to open by the summer of 2018 will be in Seattle, San Francisco, and Hong Kong.

A Billionaire’s Daughter Is Launching a Resistance-chic Hotel Brand in DC [Washingtonian]