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Tiny house rentals launch outside of D.C. for $125 per night

The startup, Getaway, currently has locations near Boston and New York City

Currently, no photos are available for the D.C. area Getaway tiny homes, but here is a look at Ovida, the first completed Getaway house located approximately two hours from Boston.
Photo courtesy of Getaway

Just a couple hours from Washington, D.C., there are plans to build 20 brand new tiny homes with the hope for city folks to be able to escape from the city and their electronic devices and instead relax in the nature in the Shenandoah Valley.

With hopes to expand further over the next few years, the 20 tiny homes will be located across approximately 80 acres of land. With this, the intent is to make sure that each renter has their own privacy.

There will be two- and four-person cabins. The four-person cabins will have two beds stacked atop each other. In the bathrooms, they will all come with a toilet, shower, and shower products. There will also be a fully-equipped kitchen in each with a stove, sink, running water, pots, and pans. Also, expect pour-over coffee and utensils provided as well as a fire pit and a picnic table nearby.

Founded in 2015, the Getaway startup has since expanded near New York City and Boston. The company is led by Harvard MBA student Jon Staff and Harvard Law student Peter Davis.

In a statement, Staff said, “At Getaway, we believe your nature routine is just as important as your workout routine. As we considered where to establish our third location, we had a lot of folks reach out to us from D.C., and are excited to now be able to offer them an easy escape."

In a phone interview, Curbed DC was told that Getaway doesn’t necessarily consider themselves a hotel brand, despite their tiny homes being able to be rented on a nightly basis.

What makes each Getaway location unique is not necessarily the tiny homes that are found there, but the nature that is nearby. It’s less about the destination and really more about the experience. In fact, the exact location of each tiny home will not be revealed until a renter has solidified their reservation.

Currently, the “intro rate” for the D.C. area tiny homes start at $125 per night. This rate will end on October 9, and it will increase. It was not confirmed to Curbed DC what the increased rate will be.

Whether or not Getaway will expand near other cities still remains to be seen. It will all depend on what demand there is and what might fit the needs for the business. At the moment, it’s still too early to disclose where the business hopes to expand next.

Will the tiny home rentals eventually come to D.C. proper? Well, that’s not possible because, from a brand and business standpoint, the whole point of Getaway is to avoid the city, to escape into nature.

For those who want to try out tiny living, there are other great options across the nation also worth checking out.

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