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This Halloween-themed D.C. Metro map is so spooktacular

Hauntington, Fort Rotten, and more

Photo via Shutterstock/Sean Pavone

Already, Washington, D.C., can be a pretty spooky city, thanks to its many haunted locations and Halloween-decorated houses. When it comes to the city’s Metrorail, there are already enough reasons to avoid the transit system, but local blog Greater Greater Washington just made it even spookier.

D.C. area resident Peter Dovak, a graphic design contributor for Greater Greater Washington, designed a Halloween-themed Metro map for the blog, changing the station names from Huntington to “Hauntington,” from NoMa to “NoMan’s Land,” and from Fort Totten to “Fort Rotten.” Even the Metro points are redesigned with devil horns for the Red Line, a witch’s hat for the Green Line, and a pumpkin stem for the Orange Line. This quirky, creative map is perfectly spooktacular in all the best kinds of ways.

To see the map, look below and be sure to click here to see a close up version of it.

Image courtesy of Peter Dovak

For more of Dovak’s graphic design works, here is a link to his online portfolio, which also includes a pretty neat D.C. Metro map arranged at its geographic scale.

Still can’t get enough of D.C. Metro map parodies? Thrillist also created a map that is just plain hilarious.

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