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The White House’s Halloween makeover, revealed

Spiders, spiders everywhere!

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump  depart the White House  - DC
The South Portico of the White House is covered in decorations for Halloween.
Photo by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images

In celebration of Halloween, the White House just got even creepier. This year, the White House is decked out in cobwebs and spiders. A press release from the office of the First Lady indicates that the President’s House will also be decorated with pumpkins, bats, profiles of past presidents, and fog. The south facade will also be lit with different colors.

This Monday, students from 20 schools in the D.C. area will be able to trick-or-treat on the South Lawn where the President and First Lady will hand out sweet treats, including “Presidential M&Ms.” Military families and community organization will also be included in the event.

The first time the White House celebrated Halloween by getting spooktacular with different decorations was during the Eisenhower administration. Since then, Halloween decorations have been an annual tradition.

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