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Interactive map of Prince George’s County allows locals to dive into each neighborhood’s past

Take a look at two of the oldest maps of the County

College Park’s Lakeland neighborhood.
Photo via M-NCPPC’s PG Atlas

There are so many ways to map the D.C. area, from its historic photos to its renters and homebuyers to its UFO sightings to its favorite artists on Spotify. People can even make their own Metro map or double check whether or not their home has solar potential. Think the rent is too high? There’s a map for that. And more maps are coming out every year.

Greater Greater Washington now reports that there is a visual treasure trove of historic photos and maps available for users interested in learning more about Prince George’s County in Maryland.

The interactive map, dubbed Prince George's Atlas, is managed by the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission. It contains two of the oldest maps of the County, which can be overlaid in order to compare how each neighborhood looked in 1861 and 1878, according to Greater Greater Washington.

There is also aerial photography dating back to 1938 as well as maps of electoral districts, school boundaries, and utility boundaries.

To give the map a whirl, be sure to check it out here.

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