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The Watergate Hotel’s most infamous room got a makeover by the ‘Scandal’ costume designer

Priced at $800 per night, get an inside look at one of Washington, D.C.’s most famous guestrooms

All photos by Michelle Goldchain

Just in time for the 45th anniversary of the notorious Watergate Hotel break-in, the Watergate Hotel has teamed up with Lyn Paolo, the costume designer of the Shondaland hit series Scandal and the John Well's show Shameless, to redesign room 214. This is the same room where E. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy positioned themselves during the burglary at the Democratic National Committee in June 1972.

"Because of the infamous break-in 45 years ago, The Watergate Hotel has been a household name with a scandalous past that can't be ignored," said Rakel Cohen, senior vice president of Design & Development and co-owner of The Watergate Hotel in a statement. "We pay homage to the past with small details throughout the property.”

Some of the many details found in the newly renovated room include framed quotes, original newspapers, and magazine covers, each focused on the break-in and President Richard Nixon’s impeachment. In the bookshelves, there are books on Nixon, while on the desk, there is a vintage recording device and a working typewriter.

Some of the more subtle nods to the hotel’s scandalous past include personalized, engraved pencils that read, "I Stole This from The Watergate Hotel," room keys with the message, “No need to break in,” on them, and robes with the phrase, “Cover up,” stitched on. The midcentury modern seating, vintage red Ericofon phone, and Crosley record player also offer a glimpse back into the past.

When Architectural Digest asked Paolo why she took on the job to redesign the interior of the D.C. hotel’s room, she said, “As a design experience, it was so out of the ordinary for me as a costume designer, and I loved the challenge.”

The guestroom is now available to the public with a minimum nightly cost of $800.

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