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Bloomingdale House Tour 2017 to discuss urban design, landscaping

This Saturday’s event will feature beautiful townhomes and interactive seminars

Photo via Shutterstock/David Harmantas

This weekend, with Halloween so near, there are a ton of events to look forward to, but there’s one event in Bloomingdale that is worth a look if interested in learning about wallcoverings, landscaping small spaces, and architecture.

On Saturday, October 28, Washington, D.C.’s Bloomingdale neighborhood will host its sixth biennial Bloomingdale House Tour & Reception. At the event, architects and designers will offer interactive seminars that will discuss everything from urban design strategies to lighting tips to what the original design of interior space in Bloomingdale’s townhouses was like and how it’s changed over time.

From 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., there will also be a house tour of some of the neighborhood’s most stunning century-old homes and historic sites. Later that evening, there will be a reception at Old Engine 12 at 1626 North Capitol Street NW.

The event is hosted by the Bloomingdale Civic Association. For a full list of the workshops, head to the Bloomingdale local blog. Tickets cost $30 online and $35 on the day of the event.

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