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Residents at this new West End condo building can order take out from Nobu

2501 M has a wide variety of amenities, one of which will appeal to sushi lovers the most

All images courtesy of 2501 M Street

It’s pretty typical for residential buildings in Washington, D.C., to go all out with quirky, high-end amenities, but West End’s new condo building, 2501 M, may have just tapped in a new one that could appeal to lovers of sushi. Here, residents will be able to get take out and catering from the world-renowned sushi restaurant, Nobu, for private dinner parties.

Each of the residences range from approximately 1,200 to 2,200 square feet with features like sleek cabinetry, customized lighting, and a variety of amenities. Some of the most noteworthy amenities include a landscaped rooftop terrace with grilling spaces, a fitness center and yoga studio, and a catering kitchen.

For entertaining guests, there is also a private meeting space, a catering kitchen, and a clubroom with a bar.

The location is adjacent to Francis Park and is within walking distance to a Trader Joe’s. The Foggy Bottom Metro station is roughly half a mile away.

Before the condo building was formed, it was an office building. Plans for the conversion were revealed in December 2014.

For an inside look at 2501 M, check out the photos below.

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