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Yes, another dockless bike-share company has expanded to D.C.

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Ofo, the world’s largest dockless bike-sharing company, is offering free rides until October 22

Photo courtesy of Ofo

Before this September, the only bike-share option residents and commuters in Washington, D.C., had was Capital Bikeshare. Now, there are a myriad of options, most of which don’t require a dock or station.

In late September, the three dockless bike-share competitors that entered the ring were Spin, Mobike, and LimeBike. Now, another company has expanded to the District, this one called Ofo.

According to a press release, Ofo is the world’s first and largest dockless bike-sharing company. In D.C., 400 bright yellow bicycles have been deployed throughout every Ward of the city. To celebrate its recent expansion, Ofo will be offering free rides until October 22.

In a statement, Ofo U.S. Vice President Grace Lin said, “Washington, D.C. is a great candidate for station-free bike sharing. We are happy to improve access and transportation options for the high number of residents, commuters, and visitors who prefer not to or cannot rely on driving, taxis, or public transportation to get where they are going.”

To use Ofo, users need to download the Ofo app in order to track nearby bikes and scan their QR code in order to unlock them. The cost is $1 per hour. In comparison, the price for Spin, Mobike, and LimeBike is $1 per every half hour. Capital Bikeshare costs $2 per half hour and $8 per 24 hours.