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2017 inaugural parade route, mapped

See where you can expect to see this year’s parade

From floats to marching bands to dancing, there’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to the upcoming Inaugural parade. While the Inauguration, itself, might be controversial, that doesn’t mean that the public can’t enjoy all of the cultural organizations that will be present and tossing their batons in the air.

To help others know what to expect for the parade, Curbed DC put together the below map with the exact route for the parade.

It’s worth mentioning that the map has one error. It shows that the parade will cross through I Street NW, but it will actually cross through H Street NW. Google Maps would not allow this depiction.

For more information on where restricted areas will be, be sure to check out this About article.

Click for close up.
Image via Google Maps

Map and Tips on Viewing the Inaugural Parade [About]