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What to know about the RFK Stadium redevelopment’s funding

Numbers, numbers, and more numbers below

Rendering via OMA and Robota

From a market hall to a sports and recreation complex, there’s a lot to be excited for when it comes to the planned redevelopment of the Robert F. Kennedy Stadium-Armory Campus. But where will the money come from?

Below, get a look at all of the need-to-know numbers for the short-term projects of the approximately $490 million redevelopment.

Estimated Cost of Short-Term Projects

Elements Budget (2016 $)
Elements Budget (2016 $)
New community fields and support building 12.6 million
Market hall 25.9 million
Sports and recreation complex 227.8 million
Pedestrian bridges 18.5 million
RFK memorial 20 million
Site development (parks, trails, utilities, etc.) 36.5 million
Demolition of RFK Stadium 25 million
Surface parking 2.9 million
Structured parking 58.6 million
Roads 61.8 million
Environmental remediation TBD
Total estimated budget $489.6 million

Next, see how the funds will break down below.

For more details on the short-term plans for the project, go to this Curbed DC article.