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Prediction: Hillbrook will be D.C.’s hottest neighborhood of 2017

Neighborhoods like Trinidad and Woodridge will also get the limelight this year

Image via Wikimedia Commons/Msclguru

By this time next year, which Washington, D.C. neighborhoods will homebuyers will be seeking? Zillow recently asked this question and came up with a list five neighborhoods in the District that are expected to change the most in home value growth.

To come up with the list, Zillow searched for areas with quickly rising home values, low unemployment rates, and strong income growth. Below, see the list of which neighborhoods Zillow forecasts will experience a large amount of growth in 2017.

Hottest Washington, D.C. Neighborhoods in 2017:

Neighborhood Forecasted home value growth
Neighborhood Forecasted home value growth
Hillbrook 6.6 percent
Fort Davis 6.5 percent
Greenway 6.3 percent
Woodridge 6.2 percent
Trinidad 5.7 percent
Data via Zillow

For those who may not be super familiar with Hillbrook, the neighborhood is located in the Northeast quadrant. It is located almost on the edge between Maryland and the District and is bounded by Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue NE to the north, Brooks Street NE to the south, 44th Street NE to the west, and Division Avenue NE to the east.

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