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Vacant Rhode Island Avenue NE building may be redeveloped for ‘emergency family shelter’

If approved, the project will house roughly 50 residential units

All images via Department of General Services

The building at 1700 Rhode Island Avenue NE was once used as a police station as well as a communications antenna and utility building. Now, it stands vacant. There are plans to change this and add more housing to the Langdon neighborhood.

In the Department of General Services' application to the Board of Zoning Adjustment, the plans are for an addition to the existing building that will house an "emergency family shelter" with 46 residential units. While the vacant building is not landmarked, the developer hopes to treat it like it is by maintaining it and incorporating it into the design.

The brick and terracotta addition will span six floors with common areas for laundry and studying. On the ground floor, there will also be a conference room and computer room.

For more renderings, see below.