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Arlington renters can now host on Airbnb

Hosts on vacation rental sites can also now carry on simultaneous rental contracts

On Saturday, the Arlington County Planning Commission reconsidered whether or not renters in Arlington should be allowed to lease their units to others on vacation rental sites like Airbnb. In a unanimous decision, the Commission decided to allow the privilege to renters.

Before the vote, only homeowners in Arlington were able to list their residences on sites like Airbnb. UrbanTurf reported that along with this change, the limitations on the umber of contracts allowed per night were also removed, allowing hosts to carry on simultaneous rental contracts.

If any leases or other legal documents forbid short-term sublets, though, then these documents supersede the county’s accessory homestay allowance, according to UrbanTurf.

Arlington Approves Expanding Accessory Homestays to Renters [UrbanTurf]