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The 2016 Curbed Cup winner is… Anacostia!

The Southeast underdog claims the title once again

The annual competition, the Curbed Cup, has allowed Washington, D.C. neighborhoods to compete since 2011. With winners ranging from Navy Yard to Petworth to Capitol Hill, there has yet to be a two-time champion. Finally, Anacostia can say that it has won the Curbed Cup not only in the year 2012, but also 2016.

For the 2016 Curbed Cup, Anacostia won 65.68 percent of the votes against competitor Capitol Hill. There were a total of 370 votes for the final poll.

By winning, this means that Anacostia is awarded bragging rights as well as the super prestigious (also fake) trophy, known as the Curbed Cup. It also means that the public truly sees the neighborhood as more than just a place perfect for eating, hanging out, and expecting big developments.

Local blog Congress Heights on the Rise said it best with this: “There are so many things to love about Anacostia: the historic homes, the arts district, the small business owners, the Anacostia BID, and, of course, the wonderful people of Anacostia.”

If interested in learning more about the neighborhood, be sure to check out all of the content from 2016’s Anacostia Week, a week-long series of articles focused on the neighborhood after readers chose it as the perfect neighborhood to concentrate on.

Congratulations again to Anacostia, and great job to Capitol Hill as well for making it to second place.

For those looking forward to the next Curbed Cup, expect it again this year in December.