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Every Women’s March tweet in D.C., mapped

Every geo-tagged tweet with Women’s March-related hashtags is now visualized thanks to GIS specialist Randy Smith

With around half a million people attending the Women’s March on Washington, wireless service in Washington, D.C. dramatically slowed down, despite wireless carriers’ millions of dollars worth of upgrades to the National Mall.

Regardless, activity on Twitter peaked between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. with around 45 percent of of all geo-tagged tweets on Saturday in D.C. directly related to support for the Women’s March, as reported by DCist.

In order to see where exactly these tweets were located, GIS specialist Randy Smith created a time series map, tracking the geo-tagged tweets with hashtags like #WomensMarch and #WhyIMarch.

According to DCist, viewers of the map will unsurprisingly be able to make out the location of various Metro stations. On Saturday, the Metro set a new record for ridership.

Map: Visualize The Women's March By Tweets [DCist]