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Donald Trump’s Oval Office features gold curtains, Winston Churchill bust

The White House makeover doesn’t glitter, but it is gold

President Donald Trump, flanked by Vice President Mike Pence and Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, signs his first executive order on health care.
Photo via AP Photo/Evan Vucci

With every new U.S. President, that means many changes—not only for the country, but for the Oval Office decor. This Friday, Donald Trump revealed his interior design alterations when he invited the press in as he signed his first executive order.

During Barack Obama’s time in office, there were crimson red curtains. Now, there are bright gold curtains, which is no surprise to Curbed at all. There was also a rug replacement. The current one appears to be one designed by Laura Bush during George W. Bush’s administration.

Finally, a bust of Winston Churchill was placed back into the office after Obama had replaced it with a bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. The bust of King still remains.

If interested in seeing how past administrations have decorated the Oval Office, check out this photo gallery on Curbed DC.

From Taft to Obama, The Oval Office in Its Many Forms [Curbed DC]