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Women's March on Washington in photos: Signs and protestors across the Mall

These 50 photos show the people and posters that arrived in Washington, D.C.

All photos by Michelle Goldchain

Around half a million people attended this weekend’s Women’s March on Washington with hundreds of thousands of the protestors coming from other parts of the nation. No arrests were reported during the protest, contrasting the 230 arrests that were made a day earlier at the anti-Trump protest.

In an interview with NBC4 Washington, Seattle native Steve La Croix said, "People were very polite. There was a lot of 'Go ahead' or 'You first.'"

There were also criticisms that it seemed like the march had no singular focus, but the Women’s March website shows that the intention was for the protest to have an amalgamation of principles, from LGBTQIA rights to immigrant rights.

For those who weren’t able to make it to the march and for those who with to relive the experience, check out the photo gallery below of the signs and the people who attended the event.

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