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This is what D.C. looks like after Trump's Inauguration

From limo fires to “UGH” signs, see what the District looks like after the event on January 20

Screengrab taken from the Trump Inaugural Livestream on Youtube as of 11:04 a.m. ET

After President Donald Trump’s swearing-in ceremony, demonstrators congregated and began protesting in the streets of Washington, D.C. CNN reported that demonstrators near 12th and K streets NW threw rocks and bottles at riot gear-clad police. Since the protests began, 95 protestors have been arrested and two police officers have been injured.

Acting DC Police Chief Peter Newsham told CNN that the protests have been “very isolated” and “by and large everything is going peacefully.” Despite being isolated, the incident has resulted in shattered building windows, vandalized cars, and the police’s use of pepper spray.

Below, see what Washington, D.C. currently looks like, thanks to tweets and Instagrammers’ posts.

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