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Inauguration weekend halts construction for D.C. projects

Over 100 projects will still be able to continue construction, but with limited hours

In order to alleviate congestion expected to arise from the many visitors coming during Inauguration weekend, Washington, D.C. is halting work on construction projects from Thursday through Sunday, as reported by Bisnow.

Originally, the plan was to suspend work for this entire week, but the D.C. Department of Transportation amended the calendar in order to make sure there wasn’t a major impact on construction in the city or on wages for contract workers.

Turner Construction Deputy Operations Manager Derek Brown told Bisnow that the revised schedule only created a "minor issue" that could be remediated by working longer hours before and after Inauguration weekend.

An additional issue that has occurred from the suspension of construction is that trade workers may not be able to get their 40 hours this week. Josh Foreso, vice president of HITT Contracting, told Bisnow, "If you say they can’t work a full week, there might be no paycheck.”

Contractors were able to apply for exemptions to the suspension of construction over Inauguration weekend. Over 100 exemptions have been granted.

After backlash over initial construction suspension schedule, DDOT compromises with contractors for Inauguration week [Bisnow]