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Arlington renters may soon be able to host on Airbnb thanks to legislation changes

The bill won’t be considered by the Arlington County Board until January 28

Aerial view of Arlington, Virginia
Photo via La Citta Vita

Only homeowners in Arlington, Virginia are able to list their residences on sites like Airbnb. This Tuesday, the Arlington County Planning Commission unanimously voted to remove these limitations for residents in a new bill, which means that renters may soon have the ability to place their homes on vacation rental sites.

UrbanTurf reported that the Commission’s vote also removed limitations on the number of contracts per night, allowing guests with separate contracts to rent simultaneously.

If a renter’s lease forbids sublets, then these residents will still be unable to lease their homes on Airbnb and other vacation rental sites.

The full County Board will consider these revisions on January 28.

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