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D.C.’s hotel rooms cost 927 percent more for Trump’s Inauguration weekend

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Typically, hotel rooms don’t cost too much in the winter

Rehearsal for Donald Trump's Presidential Inauguration
Photo via Matt McClain/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Typically, hotel rates in Washington, D.C. are at their lowest in the winter. In January 2016, the average nightly rate for a standard double room was $204, according to Trivago. In December 2016, the average nightly rate was even lower, at $197.

For this weekend, Inauguration weekend, Trivago reports that hotel rooms in D.C. now cost $2,071 per night on average. This price is an increase of 927 percent.

Below, see what further information Trivago has compiled between November 9, 2016 through January 5, 2017 for a standard double room.

Week Before Inauguration Nightly Rate Inauguration Nightly Rate % Increase
Thursday, January 12 $237 Thursday, January 19 $1,308 452%
Friday, January 13 $202 Friday, January 20 $2,071 927%
Saturday, January 14 $206 Saturday, January 21 $739 258%

Still interested in finding a hotel room in D.C.? This handy map should help guide your way.

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