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This map will tell you if your house has solar potential

This is the first map of its kind in Northern Virginia

The process to becoming a more sustainable home owner is easier with a new map created by the Northern Virginia Regional Commission (NVRC).

The interactive map allows users to see a bird’s-eye view of their neighborhood with indications of how many solar panels can fit on each property. The map also reports the potential dollar savings in terms of electricity.

According to WTOP, the map is part of NVRC’s regional effort with the nonprofit Local Energy Alliance Program to promote renewable energy through the program Solarize NoVA.

The map does offer a disclaimer that it shouldn’t substitute on-site assessments performed by certified professionals.

Additionally, all building roofs under 250 square feet are excluded as they’re too small for solar panels. Roof slopes above 50 degrees are also excluded as they’re too steep.

To give the interactive map a whirl, go to the official website here.