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A Supreme Court Justice once lived in this 150-year-old Alexandria home

The five-bedroom home is on the market for $2.3 million

Constructed c. 1870, this Alexandria, Virginia single-family home is seated on what was part of a defense complex to protect the city during the Civil War. According to the listing, Hugo Black, a former Supreme Court justice, also resided in the home.

For $2.3 million, the listing comes with five bedrooms and five bathrooms across a roughly one acre lot. Some of the design highlights inside include crown molding, built-ins, and wainscoting. The listing also offers a garage.

Many of the rooms vary in color, from bold navy blue to vibrant coral to a soft kiwi green. From the looks of the listing photos, the attic seems to have been remodeled into a home office. Meanwhile, the lower level is still unfinished.

For more photos inside, see below.