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New renderings revealed for Washington Wizards practice facility in Congress Heights

The planned venue is slated to open in 2018

All renderings courtesy of Events DC

Last Friday, Washington, D.C.’s convention and sports authority, Events DC, released flashy new renderings of the planned Washington Wizards practice facility in Congress Heights. The facility is designed by international design firm ROSSETTI and D.C.-based Marshall Moya Design. It will be constructed on the St. Elizabeth’s East campus.

Campus site plan

With a delivery slated for 2018, the $65 million venue is expected to house a minimum of 4,200 seats, two practice courts, swimming pools, training rooms, and a kitchen. The 118,000-square-foot structure will host concerts and home games for the Washington Mystics.

East elevation

According to a press release, the design of the venue will also support a concourse and lobby areas, which will be used for special events and community programming. There will also be exterior facing retail tenant bays.

North elevation

In July 2016, the plans for the facility changed. Originally, the stadium was expected to house 5,000 seats and cost only $55 million. President and Chief Executive of Events DC Gregory A. O’Dell sent D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson a revised budget with additional money for two levels of seating and contingencies.

Concession threshold

This venue will be the first Women's National Basketball Association-dedicated facility in the league, according to a press release.

Arena bowl design for a stage
Arena bowl design for basketball