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What’s the smallest D.C. apartment you’ve ever lived in?

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Have you ever been in a tight living situation? In Washington, D.C., it’s likely you have as the size of homes in the city have shrunk since the 1910s. Finding enough space for you, your family, or just your belongings can be tough when also trying to balance the cost of rent. So, what have your experiences been like?

This week, Curbed looked at one of the city’s smallest neighborhoods, tiniest houseboat vacation rentals, and a variety of studios that are available for $2,000/month. Now, it’s time to move the mic to the readers.

How tiny was your smallest apartment or condo? What neighborhood was it in? Would you live there again? Are you still living there? Were there any tricks you learned to make the most out of your space? Do you think the tiny home movement is overrated or misunderstood?

Let Curbed know by leaving a comment below. If you have a photo of your space, please share!