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HGTV’s House Counselor host Laurie March opens up

See what to expect before the Capital Home Show

Home remodeling has been a part of Laurie March’s life since day once. The host of HGTV’s House Counselor is a third generation home remodeler whose great grandparents started a roofing company. Growing up, she learned how to refinish and build furniture. This weekend, March is expected to share all of her knowledge at the Capital Home Show at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, Virginia.

The event will feature Matt Muenster, host of DIY’s Bath Crashers, and over 300 companies with home remodeling and decór products. Other high points will include a free hands-on workshop sponsored by IKEA and the construction of a 1,400-square-foot home featuring this year’s latest design trends.

As one of the event’s main highlights, March will share her secrets on both emotional and tactical parts of home remodeling projects. By focusing not only on design trends but stress management, March will teach others what hassles to anticipate and how to conquer them.

In an interview with Curbed, March said, "I think there are so many things to consider when you’re working on someone’s home. You have to get to know somebody and become a mind reader."

Everything from money to style to time have to be evaluated to get the best results. Because of this, March said there are "inherent conflicts" in the process. "I don’t think it’s a bad thing ... There are just some things that people will have to deal with," she said

One of the easiest mistakes that people sometimes make is trying to undergo big changes to a home in order for it to be less or more traditional. In the process, designers can create spaces that don’t fit in with the home’s era or style. March said that if there isn’t a consistency throughout the entire property, that can cause difficulties when later trying to sell.

On her favorite remodeling projects, March said that she loves to think about the spaces that homeowners use the most, such as the living room or kitchen. The "messy projects" like weatherstripping windows and doors are also some of her favorite projects.

March said, "It’s easy to get fixated on the decór and style changes ... but I’ve always loved to take on messy projects."

The kinds of projects that March recommends homeowners shouldn’t consider include anything regarding plumbing and electrical. By having an expert there for those kinds of projects, March said that those experts may be able to pick up on any issues that a homeowner might miss.

If interested in learning more about what March has to say on home remodeling projects, be sure to see her at the Capital Home Show. To buy tickets, go here.

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