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D.C. rent watch

Which neighborhoods have become even more expensive for rentals?

Rent prices in the capital remain well above the national average, and DC ranks fourth nationwide for pricey rentals. Apartment List analyzed the neighborhood rentals to see what the status is.

The good news for renters? Rents decreased overall by 0.4 percent between July and August. But don’t celebrate just yet. They’re actually up 4.1 percent year over year. Darn.

And if you’re looking to shell out the biggest bucks, you should go to Foggy Bottom, where 2-bedrooms cost $4,500, and 1-bedrooms run $2,750.

And other neighborhoods that may have been cheaper are now on the rise. Dupont Circle rents are up 1.6% over July, with 2-bedrooms now going for $3,450. But Cathedral-Wesley Heights-McLean Gardens is growing even faster perhaps—up 8.1% over August 2015.

The good news? Washington DC is becoming more desirable. The bad news? DC is draining your budget just a little bit more.