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The typical D.C. home has shrunk

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While homes across the nation are growing, D.C. residences are only getting smaller

Homes in Washington, D.C. are shrinking.

In a recent study, PropertyShark reported that newly built homes in the District during the 1910s spanned a median 1,378 square feet. This decade, they’ve reached a median 1,189 square feet.

When comparing D.C. to the nation’s 32 largest cities, PropertyShark found that the typical home in the nation’s capital ranks fourth among the cities with the smallest newly built homes. Only Boston, San Francisco, and Miami had smaller homes.

While D.C. residences have shrunk, the typical home built in the nation has grown by 74 percent since the 1910s. According to PropertyShark, the average size of new homes in the U.S. is 2,430 square feet. Only four cities surpass this national average, being Orlando, San Antonio, Nashville, and Dallas.