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Foamhenge will relocate to Fairfax County's Cox Farms

The attraction was originally displayed in Natural Bridge, Virginia

In the D.C. area, locals will soon be able to get a glimpse of Stonehenge. Not the kind in Wiltshire, England. Instead, a life-size version made out of styrofoam.

The replica, constructed by Mark Cline of Enchanted Castle Studios, has been a tourist attraction in Natural Bridge, Virginia since April 1, 2004. Soon, it will be a new must-see destination in Fairfax County, Virginia.

DCist reported that the attraction has been forced to move from its current location because the area is set to become Virginia’s 37th state park this fall. On August 30, the 16-foot-tall blocks were dismantled and removed from the area because they did not "fit" with the mission of a state park, reported The Richmond Times-Dispatch.

The new location will be in Cox Farms, located at 15621 Braddock Road in Centreville, Virginia. According to Washingtonian, Foamhenge will be temporarily displayed during the Cox Farms’ Fall Festival. Afterwards, it won’t be displayed until the fall of 2017 after the foam structures have been cleaned and restored.

In a 2006 article published by The Washington Post, Cline described Foamhenge as "his greatest artistic triumph." The replica has been featured in MSNBC, Fox, Discovery Channel, CNN, BBC, Smithsonian, Food Network, TBS, and even a Geico commercial segment, according to the Enchanted Castle Studios website.