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D.C.’s newest and oldest homes, mapped

In general, the closer to the city core, the older the homes

While certainly not the oldest city in the nation, Washington, D.C. still houses some pretty historic residences, such as the Old Stone House and The Lindens. In order to see where the oldest parts of the city can be found, DataLensDC mapped the divide between homes in the inner and outer sections of the city by house type, year built, and lot size.

According to DataLensDC, "Generally, homes located closer to the city core are older, built upon smaller lots, and almost entirely row houses."

When looking at the different home characteristics for inner versus outer Wards in Washington, D.C., DataLensDC reported that Ward 2 has the oldest homes with a median built year of 1900. In truth, the median year for homes constructed in Ward 2 may actually be older. According to DataLensDC, "That year is often used as default for building year when one cannot be determined."

The most newly constructed homes can be found in Wards 7 and 8.

Be sure to check out all of the data and maps on the DataLensDC website here.