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Photos: Baby panda birthday celebration

Let them eat cake

This weekend, one of the National Zoo’s cutest residents celebrated his first birthday. Unfortunately, most visitors during the day-long celebration were unable to see Bei Bei. According to The Washington Post, the 70-pound cub stayed in his indoor pen during most of the birthday bash, snoozing away.

Despite the man of the hour’s absence, many of the panda residents were still able to partake in the celebration by either getting their own cake (like Bao Bao) or having the opportunity to munch on the cake created for the birthday boy (like Mei Xiang). The cakes in question were composed of 100-pound blocks of flavored ice, apples, and sweet potatoes.

For those who were unable to see the celebration and for those who want to relive it, Curbed compiled photos of the event from Instagram and Twitter. Feel free to revel in the cuteness, and be sure to look out for the next panda-centric event from the National Zoo.

#panda #beibei #pandabirthdayparty

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Happy Birthday!!! Panda cub #BeiBei celebrates his first birthday with a "fruitsicle" cake

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#beibei didn't show up, so mama #meixiang had to eat the cake

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