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Tiny home production line, Minim Homes, emerges in D.C.

The award-winning tiny home, Minim House, is now able to be delivered nationwide

Minim House
Photo via Inhabitat

For those who love everything itty bitty, there is a new production line in Washington, D.C. that will cater to tiny home lovers.

Minim Homes was founded by Micro Showcase Founder Brian Levy, Minim Built Co-founder David Bamford, and VNV Development President Chris VanArsdale.

In order to further cultivate the tiny home movement, Minim Homes allows the public to purchase two plan sets with detailed elevations, construction guidelines, build photos, and more. One set features the original plans for a trailer-based home, Minim House, spanning 210 square feet. The second features plans for a foundation-built home, spanning 265 square feet. Both cost $495 each, not including shipping and handling.

As an operational production line, Minim Homes also allows the public to order a pre-built trailer- or foundation-built tiny home.

Levy, who served as the Co-founder of Boneyard Studios, the first micro house showcase in the nation, commissioned the original Minim House by working with Foundry Architects and Bamford at Element Design+Build. Levy told Curbed that Minim Homes' first completed Minim House was constructed for Intel last year.

According to Levy, approximately 90 sets of plans have already been shipped around the world. There are also builds currently underway in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

The Minim House, spanning 212 square feet, is possibly the most famous tiny home in Washington, D.C., having won three American Institute of Architects awards. The structure has also been featured on Dwell, The Washington Post, and HGTV.

If interested in seeing Minim House in person, the tiny-home community popup Micro Showcase is located at 21 Evarts Street NE in Washington, D.C. To stay up-to-date on future open houses and developments, check out the Micro Showcase website here.

UPDATE: The number of plans shipped has been edited. The name of the company is not Minim Micro Homes, but Minim Homes. Additionally, it's worth clarifying that while Minim Homes is based in D.C., the tiny homes are not being built in D.C.