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D.C.’s Case Bridge lights up blue

A new milestone has been celebrated at The Wharf

On Thursday, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser lit up the Francis Case Memorial Bridge as part of Hoffman-Madison Waterfront’s $2 billion development, known as The Wharf.

The lighting project, designed by Paris-based design firm Citelum, involved over 400 LED lights, reported WTOP.

In a statement, Hoffman-Madison Waterfront said, "The lighting of the Case Bridge celebrates the connection between the mile-long $2 billion Wharf development to East Potomac Park, as it turns the busy bridge into a beautiful landmark."

The Wharf is one of the largest developments on the East Coast with 24 acres of construction and 3 million square feet of retail, residential, office, and hotel space. 12 different architects have designed the project. The first residential building is expected to deliver by the fall of 2017.