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$2M renovation for Bethesda swimming pool to begin next month

Without the renovation, the Little Falls Swimming Club pool isn’t expected to last another eight years

In September, there are plans to begin an approximately $2 million renovation to the swimming club on Little Falls Road in Bethesda.

Bethesda Magazine reported that the renovation will replace the over 60-year-old pool for a larger pool with a smaller instructional pool and a baby pool.

According to the Little Falls Swimming Club website, without the renovation, the pool will last only up to six to eight years. "We cannot know exactly how long, of course, but we don’t want to wait until the shell has cracked," reports the Little Falls Swimming Club website.

While the pool will be expanded, there is no certainty as to whether or not membership to the Little Falls Swimming Club will be increased.

The construction is expected to deliver by Memorial Day 2017.