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In D.C., most want to own a home, but can’t

Just out of reach

Homeownership, a tenet of the American Dream, is out of reach for many in the nation’s capital.

With over 6,000 respondents from across the country, Zumper in their latest study found that 90.5% of respondents in Washington, D.C. claimed they want to own a home, but only 63% of those individuals could afford a mortgage in the District.

For those across the country, the highest percentage of respondents who planned to own a home were found in Dallas, Texas with 97.2 percent planning on owning a home. Of those, 59.7 percent are able to afford a mortgage in the city. The lowest percentage of respondents able to afford a mortgage in their city was found in San Diego, California with 20 percent unable to do so.

To see all of the details in Zumper’s report, go here.