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D.C.’s Central Library Will Move to K Street Office Building Next Year

Still no word yet on what will happen to the collections

In 2017, the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library will shut its doors in preparation for a massive overhaul. Once the library at 901 G Street NW begins its three-year rehab, the library system will relocate to 1990 K Street NW. The overall library space lost during this time will be 93 percent, according to Washington Business Journal.

Washington Business Journal reported that the District's Department of General Services has negotiated leases for the ground floor and the fifth floor of the building. The fifth floor will house the 85 administrative staff, while the ground floor will serve as an interim central library.

For the first two fiscal years, the lease will cost roughly $2 million, according to Washington Business Journal. There are still no reports yet as to where many of the D.C. Public Library’s collections will be stored.

Check out more of the ins and outs of the renovation here.

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