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Quiz: Where in D.C. Should You Buy Your First Home?

Find out which neighborhood is right for you

So, at this point, you've raised enough money for a down payment and are on the hunt for the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood. Which area is right for you? With this quiz, you'll be on the right track to figuring out which Washington, D.C. neighborhood is right for you, whether it's a more suburban area with nice schools or an urban area with a lively nightlife.

Earlier this year, Curbed DC created a similar quiz to this one, but it was pretty silly (in a good way, though). This earlier quiz was more of a personality quiz to see which neighborhood is more along the same wavelength as the person taking the quiz. If interested in giving it a whirl, head on over here.

If you're not so set on Washington, D.C. and are instead looking for other, cheaper cities, check out this Curbed quiz here, and it will help guide your way.