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Where's Your Favorite Place to Beat the Heat in D.C.?

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This summer, expect temperatures to soar into the upper 90s and more. While pools are a great way to cool off, they’re certainly not an option for every day. Instead, let’s brainstorm ways to find free air conditioning.

Here are some nominations from Curbed DC:

  • In Columbia Heights, any of the big box retail (e.g., Bed Bath & Beyond)
  • The Kogod Courtyard at the National Portrait Gallery
  • The courtyard at the Marriott Marquis by the Convention Center
  • The Capitol Visitor’s Center
  • The lobby in The Monaco
  • Union Market
  • The Fort Dupont Ice Arena

Do you know of any other air-conditioned areas that are perfect for relaxing in during the summer? Leave a comment or send a tip by emailing

For those in New York, here is a handy map of locations where you can find free air conditioning during the heat wave. Here, you can also see a map for those in Los Angeles. Finally, for Philly residents, here is another map that you should keep close at hand.